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How does a personal injury lawyer determine how much I deserve in a settlement?

There are parameters for what we call pain and suffering awards that have been set by our courts. The compensation that a person will receive as a result of an injury sustained in an accident is very much dependent upon the range that has been set by the courts for those types of injuries. There are a number of heads of damages that we claim for. One is pain and suffering. Another involves an economic loss: a loss of past income as well as a diminishment in earning capacity, which is basically a loss of income in the future as a result of the accident. We can advise people what the proper and fair compensation is for them based upon the injuries they’ve sustained, and the economic loss that they have sustained or are likely to sustain in the future. That’s why it’s important that when people hire somebody who has a lot of experience and who they feel comfortable is going to make sure that they receive the compensation that they deserve.


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  • Before accepting any settlement an insurance company offers, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. This step is crucial to understand your rights, assess the fairness of the compensation, and determine if it's appropriate. Often, insurance companies offer a minimal amount when they know you're not represented by a lawyer, hoping you'll accept it, sign a release, and walk away. What people don't realize is that by doing so, you can never come back again if the injury worsens; there'll be no more compensation available. Speaking with your personal injury lawyer can help you find out if that compensation is appropriate or if, in fact, you are entitled to more. Read More
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