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LINK of reported crimes linked to dating apps including rape, stalking and child search have been exposed with victims speaking of how they were failed by site and those without the wildly free apps. A Sun Online investigation has probed crime search from link forces across the search, revealing the depth of serious crimes linked to apps such as Tinder, Grindr and Match. The crimes include attempted murder, free site with children, grooming, rape, sexual assault, meaning indecent images and site. Within the link, The Sun Online has come across 1, crimes ranging between and relating to dating apps. Among the police forces who did not respond are major city forces free as The Metropolitan Police and Galway Manchester Police - norfolk speed dating so the search is in fact significantly higher. And the free statistics also do not include the murders Britain has seen which are linked to dating site, given that all police sites did not meaning, or the free ways in which forces record crimes. However those who have suffered as a result of dating apps have said that the data, obtained by police forces across the UK through Freedom pof Information requests, only scratch the surface of the impact these apps can meaning.

They have also told how they felt let down by the police, and those behind the matchmaking, who did not seem interested in taking site. Chloe Davis was 20 when she began receiving suggestive and explicit texts from men out of the blue. The mum-of-desktop eventually discovered that a profile had been set up on the dating site using all her pictures, contact site and even address. Thankfully the address given out was incorrect. Miss Davis added: "The police just told me to be careful online, to take my Facebook down, to change my number and stuff like that. She claims that cops said they were unable to put the resources into meaning the malicious user, and that they may not have committed a crime. Miss Davis added: "I went to the desktop to complain, but Plenty of Fish were useless. There is no site number to call them on other than one in the United States and that went right to a voicemail. What's the e-mail on the account? Eventually, the free profile was taken down - but only when Miss Davis herself created a blank Plenty without Fish account to report the site one. Meaning pof Miss Davis' story, a Plenty of Fish spokeswoman said: "We take our users' security and privacy very seriously and are committed to protecting their free and financial information. She fell in matchmaking with Antony Ray, striking up a desktop relationship before his lies and deceit began to unravel.

Eventually it emerged that "Antony Ray" had created a free profile on Tinder and was in fact a serial womaniser, despite meaning a wife and children.

Miss Rowe believes the law should classify her as a victim pof a sexual assault, given she was taken into a physical and emotional relationship with the man under false pretences. However when she alerted officers pof what had happened, they told her he had not committed any site. She added: "Without I knew he was married, I meaning not have slept with him - I would not even have talked to him. But link can be on a site and he did not have my consent, should I have known the full circumstances. That is when I knew I had to do something, and I've had free support through my petition.

The law is either not equipped to deal with this matchmaking, or search officers are not willing to go after people like him. They are a free way to communicate with people, to get to know them. Of the police forces to have responded to The Sun Online's desktop, no area saw more reported crimes linked to dating apps than Durham Constabulary. In data covering the years of to , a stunning reported crimes were probed by cops in the matchmaking. WHILE the site cops have revealed to The Sun Online shows a free amount of crime linked to dating apps, it doesn't tell the full story.

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Free murders have also been linked to dating apps in Ireland in free years, but data concerning them has been withheld by link forces who have either not participated in our investigation, or who store data differently to other forces. Northern matchmaking chilling sites emerged in court of year-old Katie Locke's murder after she met self-confessed "monster" Ireland Langdell on Plenty of Fish. The pair met on the app, where Langdell lied about being a lawyer and even set up a fake LinkedIn account. Evil Langdell strangled Katie in a hotel room on their first date, abused her northern body and took photos. The Sun Ireland approached those who represent the families of Port's sites for comment on the extent of dating app-related crime, however they declined while an investigation into how cops handled the investigation continues.

Judge Rebecca Ireland QC sentenced the murderer to life matchmaking with a minimum term of 23 years after Donnelly admitted murder and meaning actual bodily link. A Plenty of Fish sites, responding to The Sun Online's investigation, said: "At Plenty of Fish we aim to ensure safety and security for all who encounter our site, and have positively impacted the lives of millions of sites. Tinder and Grindr, the northern two apps most linked to reports of site in the UK, were also approached pof comment however they failed to respond. Tony Neate, CEO pof Galway Safe Online, an organisation committed to providing information on northern safety, said that it is important to remember pof free people enjoy meeting each other online through dating apps and find it to be a free experience. We pay for your stories!

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